Ways to Ruin Mother's Day!

"Mother's Day is around the corner!" and quite frankly some of us are a little tired of this phrase.

However, if you're the type to get sentimental on social media or for competitions instead of actually buying something for your Ammi, we're silently judging you. If you are thinking of spending the moolah, here's a few things that you need to avoid to make sure Amma looks like this... 

and not like this...


1. The 50 Shades Trilogy

Do you WANT to give your parents ideas? Do you WANT your childhood bedroom turned into a red room? We didn't think so...

2. A home-cooked meal

If Ammi wanted to eat burnt pancakes and Diabetes inducing orange juice, she's make it herself... blindfolded. Also unless you're Nigella good, just take her to a swanky little place for a profesh-sesh.

3. A tattoo in honour of her

Gotta death wish? Unless she's super cool with it. Also go to a non-dodge place that doesn't make her face look like clay. Or go for a classic tuk tuk / Sinhala cinema quote, "Amma Budhu Weva"


4. Appliances

Unless your mother has SPECIFICALLY asked you for an appliance/ saucepan / washing machine / broom as a gift on Mother's Day, DO NOT give her these things.


5. Flowers

Now this is a tricky one. Some Mothers LOVE getting flowers. Others can't be bothered finding a vase to put them in or even maintain them with the constant changing of water and pruning and what-not. So play it by ear.


6. Knick Knacks

It's cute when you made it yourself when you were 5. Not so much when you printed a picture of yourself on a mug when you're 35. Also, a HUGE NO when it comes to gifting ceramic figures, containers with no functional value and other dust attracting items.


7. Another year of single-dom

Let's admit it. What will Ammis talk about at High Tea if they don't have engagement, wedding, christening, birthday pics to show off? Speaking of, maybe leave the next "gift" for Christmas maybe?

8. The WRONG BF/GF (In her opinion) 

Pretend you're single and ask her to get you a proposal. Your "wrong in so many ways" relationship can be dealt with later.

9. The wrong song 

Cardi B may be a super hot Mom right now but unless your Amma is a fan, maybe lay off the references to "bloody shoes".

10. Yourself

If you're one of those kids who think that wearing a bow on your head and saying "I'm the gift", is hilarious, LEAVE. NOW.

Happy Mother's Day!


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