The Williams Debacle - A Lankan Take

The part that we love the most in all the drama that unfolded during the U.S. Open Women’s Final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka is Williams’ coach, Patrick Mouratoglou’s explanation for his actions. 


While Williams vehemently denied receiving any coaching from Mouratoglou in violation of the Grand Slam rules, Mouratoglou admitted to giving a coaching gesture.  He explained that he didn’t think Williams saw him and furthermore (and this is what we love most), “(even Osaka’s coach) was coaching as well, everybody does it”.  Everybody does it.  Looks like he has some Sri Lankan in him after all. 


Why do we overtake from the left? Because “everybody does it”.  Why do we stop working from 3.30pm when clock out is at 4.30pm?  Because “everybody does it”.  Why do we insist on having protests during rush hour traffic?  Because “everybody does it”.  In fact, Williams could use a little Sri Lankan herself.  Why did she lash out at an umpire in the midst of a tennis game?  Everybody does it. Just ask Andy Roddick, just ask John McEnroe; just ask Andy Murray. 


Because if there’s one thing that we know in Sri Lanka, two wrongs do make a right.  (It’s why I also never use my left signal).


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