Ready To Chow Down?

Ever heard of "Go Big or Go Home?" It's our 25th anniversary and we're celebrating with a MONSTER challenge.

So you're thinking of registering for the Monster Meal Challenge...

Well, you gotta be fast


You gotta have an appetite

And you gotta have a stomach of steel


Got all three? Now for the menu! Let's kick off with the chicken wings...

Yeah, they're so crazy hot, you can smell the kochchi a mile away.

Next we have the Monster Hotdog... This baby is HUGE!


This is not for the faint of stomach so we advise not having lunch or breakfast... for three weeks before tackling this one.


And finally the Milkshake. It's got chocolate, and smarties and cookies and you sure can't Kardashian it.

But beware of the dreaded brain freeze!


It's not just about the eating though. There's athletics and strategy involved so check out how our RPs fared in their very own Monster Meal Challenge.


If this still isn't deterring you, CONGRATULATIONS! Send in the names, NIC numbers, mobile numbers and email addresses of your team to 0788992992 and win a food platter from Sandwich Factory as well!


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