Hug Your Boss Day!

It's Hug Your Boss Day and we're making it super special by telling you how you can score that bonus by giving your boss the appreciation and love that's been long overdue. Here's how to hug your boss. 

 (Please note that TNL Radio will not be responsible for consequences of following through with this game plan. We are extremely unreliable and a little dodge with our advice to be honest) 



1) Make eyes contact across the office. Maintain it. Your Boss will try to avert the gaze but remember, like a coiled serpent you must strike hug. 



2) Take confident steps towards your boss. You. Can. Do. This. 


3) Smile broadly. Too broad. Tone it down a smidge so that you don't look manic. 



4) Extend arms. Make sure that there are no dangerous items in your hand like hot coffee, a stapler, or that machete that you picked up on the way to your cubicle. Keep smiling. 



5) Wrap arms around Boss. Maintain decorum in keeping your lower body away from their lower body, and hand placement must be well thought out. hold for 3 counts. Holding for more than 3 counts will immediately make it awkward. 


6) Refrain from whispering in their ear. Phrases to avoid include; 

 "Your hair smells nice" (Especially tragic if the Boss is bald)

"It's like hugging a Unicorn"

"Is that the cologne you bought last Sunday at 5.46 in the afternoon?"

"Your arteries are appealing" 

"I wish I could kill you with my love"



7) Count to 3. Relax and release. 



8) Wonder what came over you and assume fetal position in the lunch room. 



Happy Friday and Happy Hugging!


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