Hop on this Bandwagon!

It all started when we happened to catch a video of a "Style Swap" by Music by Blanks. Taking a Post Malone hit called Better Now, (here's the original) and making us go waaaaaay back in time, it made us feel all kinds of (non-dodgy) feelings. So we rounded up the best 80's remakes for your listening pleasure. The original is linked in the title in case you wanna remember what it sounds like.


In My Feelings - Drake 

 Wear your brightest leggings and groove to this banger.


Better Now - Post Malone 

Post break-up songs never sounded so catchy. 


What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber 

The 80's makes even the Beebs sound cool. 


Closer - Chainsmoker / Halsey

Before there were feels, there was... the 80's.


Sugar, We're Going Down - Fall Out Boy 

Putting the emo in emotional ballad... 


New Rules - Dua Lipa

You'll never hear this the same way. Also the video is a hoot!


Attention - Charlie Puth

We don't want attention... we just want more 80's.


Sugar - Maroon 5 

Can't wait for this to make an appearance at wedding receptions. 

We're sorry, we just HAD to.

Is there ANY song that doesn't sound amaze-balls as an 80's track? And you're welcome!


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