Colombo Fashion Week

TNL NOW is partnering with Colombo Fashion Week and is introducing the CFW Retail Week, an experience themed on the environment, wellness, and literary interactions.

Check out The Edit, an exclusive store space where all participants CFW designer will retail their latest collection.

Environment & Conservation Week:

  • 22nd September 6:30 pm - Plastic Impact Talk by Dr. Anush Amarasinghe
  • 23rd September 6:30 pm - Marine Conservation Talk by Dr. Asha De Vos
  • 24th September 6:30 pm - Leopards as an umbrella species for landscape-level conservation in Sri Lanka talk by Anjali Waston & Dr. Andrew Kittle
  • 25th September 6:30 pm - Threats face by Sharks & Rays talk by Daniel  Fernando

Literary Week:

  • 2nd October 6:30 pm - Book reading by Shehan Karunatilaka
  • 3rd October 11:00 am - Book reading for kids by Artika Aurora Bakshi
  • 3rd October 6:30 pm - Book Reading Ashok Ferrey
  • 3rd October 7:30 pm - Book Reading Yudhajaya Wijeratne


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