Are You Festival Ready?

Move over Coachella, there's a new kid in town and it's called The TNL Onstage Festival. With two stages, headliners representing multiple genres and the finalists of the TNL Onstage 2018 competition, we've got the perfect event that you can't afford to miss! 

Here's a quick rundown of what you need to be prepared for on the 10th of November at IdeaHell as The Festival kicks off from 4 PM.

As soon as you get to the Festival, make a note of the location of the washrooms.

We want you to be like this... 


And not like this...

Flower crowns are a festival staple but make sure that your headgear is perfect. Here's a quick guide. 





If you can't decide on your outfit, never fear! 

 Just be cool and comfy... 

And remember, there's gonna be lots of food and drink so...

Take lots of pics! There's lots to see and experience so document it and don't forget to tag us in the process!

It's ok to get a little crazy... 

Just not too crazy... 

 Yeah, you don't need to pack all that... 
AAAAAND DANCE DANCE DANCE! (Like no one is watching!) 

 Check GOING on the event and we'll see you at the TNL Onstage Festival


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