And That's a Wrap!

We're going through some serious post-festival withdrawals. Are you? It all began with a simple idea to switch things up for the 17th season of TNL Onstage. A festival that would celebrate Onstage alumni, the performers who have considered the competition a rite of passage while highlighting upcoming talent that ran the gamut of genres from Jazz to Rap and everything in between.


We witnessed some of the best local performers including Soul, Colombo 002 Kinesthetics, Salvage, Sam Dayaratne, Paranoid Earthling and Unscripted as they owned both the Green and Block 17 to thrill audiences in their own style. 


It was definitely a night of wins as we finally announced the champions of season 17. 


Best Band - DnM Crew 

Band Runner Up - The Odyssey

Best Soloist and Vocal Spark Award - Renato 

Solo Runner Up and Best Original - Andrea


In case you missed out, or wanna relive an epic night, check out the pics here! 


99.2 / 101.8


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