18 Reasons Why You Should Be A Part Of TNL Onstage!

Onstage is BACK and we're giving you that extra nudge to send in those demos! In honour of our 2018 edition, here's 18 reasons why you should apply.  

1) Cause singing in the shower is SO 2005.

2) It's an excuse to cut class/ work/ babysitting duty/ to go for band practice.

3) Your adoring fans need you.

4) Discover your hidden potential!


6) Get your original music out there!

7) Sing that track you've been DYING to cover. 

8) Meet cool people.  

9) Get feedback from awesome local performers.

10) Go Karate Kid and train with the best. 

11) Tap into your inner Queen; Freddy or Bey, you decide!

12) It's a perfect excuse for a makeover. 

13) Late night practices mean lots and lots of junk food. 

14) You get to perform in a HUGE arena. Not Donald Trump huge though. Even bigger. 

15) Did we mention it's super awesome? 

16) You get to join some amazing Onstage Alumni like Stigmata, Paranoid Earthling and Ashanthi

17) Bragging rights. FOREVER

18) There's no upper age limit, so if you've been dreaming it, go ahead and DO IT!

What are you waiting for? Apply NOW!


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