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Have you got rugby fever?

Identity by DNM Crew

DNM Crew brings you the best of two worlds, 2 rappers inspired by the poetic and lyrical form of hip hop, and 3 metal heads who grew up influenced by a chaotic symphony of sound.

Lyrical by Renato Motha

I decided to keep the tracks as light as possible so that the attention won't be taken away by the main element, the lyrics, which is why the EP is titled "Lyrical".

Mystic Punday!

Your puntastic horror-scopes for the week ending 24th February

New Year New Me?

You asked a lit 2019 to come at you on IG and now it's backed you into a corner...

And That's a Wrap!

Here are some of the highlights of the first ever TNL Onstage the Festival

Are You Festival Ready?

Flower crown? Check! Love for local music? Check! The TNL Onstage festival kicks off in a week!

TNL Onstage Finals 2018

It was a night that knocked your socks off with pure talent!

Hug Your Boss Day!

Terrified of your superiors at office? Hug it out seriously.

The Williams Debacle - A Lankan Take

Anita Lee from The Big Show does her own interpretation on the drama that unfolded at the US Open

18 Reasons Why You Should Be A Part Of TNL Onstage!

Channel your inner star! Here are a few reasons why you should apply!

Hop on this Bandwagon!

We're sharing the best 80's remakes of the biggest hits in music!


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